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Monday, June 14, 2010

Living Connected

Living Connected

“I’ve always felt my dad did not have time for me. He was aloof, never there emotionally. I have even had anger toward God for putting me in the family He did.” These are common statements I hear in prayer ministry most every day. God made little boys and girls to “feel” loved by their fathers and mothers, but sometimes they don’t. When a person can get honest about these feelings they have often carried for many years, amazing things happen.
When there is anger, people forgive as the reasons for holding the anger are resolved. However, something much deeper than that occurs. In most cases, the person feels like something was wrong with them to begin with and that’s why dad would not spend time, show affection, or even worse, be abusive.

Biscuits, Fruit Breads- Yummy Quick Breads

There are basically two types of breads, yeast bread and quick bread. You can easily find some type of quick bread recipe for any occasion. Several types are: biscuits, muffins, pancakes, coffee bread, popovers, corn bread, scones, gingerbread, soda bread, waffles, nut bread, fruit bread, zucchini bread or dumplings dropped on top of a stew.

Fruit and Nut breads are great for making open face sandwiches by adding some cream cheese or softened butter on a slice of this moist bread. There are many simple recipes for these breads, and they are well liked by most people. Quick bread can be made very quickly.  They are nice to serve for a small crowd, at a tea or just to grab a quick snack for you. Some of the flavors are; banana bread, blueberry bread, zucchini bread, rhubarb bread, cinnamon bread and cranberry nut bread. We really like the fruit breads and I make them regularly.  I think that is better than chocolate frosted cake as far as calories go.  

Friday, March 26, 2010

Antioxidants –Breastmilk Giving Your Baby the Edge

Mother’s milk is specific milk produced by mothers for their newborn babies is the main source of nutrition. Mother’s milk is specifically tailored to the needs of the baby as it contains the right balance of nutrients and is tailored to the needs of the baby as it contains the right balance of nutrients which include all the vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, lactose, water and antioxidants. The World Health Organization and UNICEF consider mother’s mile the “gold standard” in infant nutrition.

The most important thing is the milk plays a key role in the development of the child’s brain because the milk is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (DHA & AA), taurine, choline, zinc and many other ingredients that support the process. A baby’s brain develops rapidly in the first few years of life, and it is important to supply the baby with breastmilk right from the start through two years according to an article called Breastfeeding and Child Cognitive Development by Kramer, in The Archives of General Psychology (2008). It may not turn your baby into a genius but the baby’s brain will reach its full potential. Studies have shown that breastfed babies perform better on IQ tests later in life. 

Please read the complete article with a video at:    

Friday, March 12, 2010

Vegetarian Lifestyle Increasing in Popularity

The number of American using a Vegetarian diet is 7.3 million and 22.8 million are following a vegetarian inclined diet.  Many do so because  they believe in animal rights and others are concerned with medications being givent to animals.  Most choose this diet for health reasons.

It is possible to get all the necessary nutrients on a vegetarian diet except Vitamin B12 so you would take a supplement.  There are numerous cookbooks available to make vegetarian cooking easier and tastier.  The diet has plenty of fiber, vegetables and fruit.  Many disease have improved after someone starts a vegetarian
diet.  The all American diet is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, colon and prostrate cancer and possible Alzheimer's Disease.  Maybe it is time to re-evaluate you diet and you will find you will feel better with less fatigue throughout the day.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aromatheray - Essential Oils Make Your Life More Pleasant and Healthier

Massage is the most relaxing and therapeutic way of all to experience aromatherapy.  Essential oils are blended and then worked into the body using massage techniques that stimulate the whole system while improving the circulation and relaxing the nervous system. 
A selection of essential oils can be found in numerous places, such as health food stores, online, or through chemists.  Be careful to choose essential oils, not perfumed oils.  An essential oil is thin and watery, swift to evaporate, and overpoweringly scented when neat, which should be quite pleasant.  Essential oils fall into three categories:
  • Top notes:   Oils that evaporate very quickly.  They are generally uplifting and stimulating with a greenish, fresh aroma.
  • Middle notes: These are used to help the body with most bodily functions and the body’s metabolism.
  • Base notes: These are extremely relaxing, sometimes sedative and generally have a lovely, warm aroma
Scented oils are sold in tinted glass because they may be damaged by light and they should always be stored in a dark, cool place.  Keep the lids on tightly or they may easily evaporate

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reiki- Using Your Natural Life Force for Healing

Reiki is a precise method for connecting this universal energy with the body’s innate powers of healing. Reiki was rediscovered in the mid 1980’s by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk educator. Reiki’s origins are found in Tibetan sutras, ancient records of cosmology and philosophy. This is a hands-on healing art, quite different from any western medicine. Reiki is said to promote the highest healing good for all living things

Reiki recognizes we all have a palpable life force energy which is infinite, limitless, and pure. It’s invisible and inaudible, but it fills us with peace.

Reiki is not taught in the usual sense but it is transferred to the student during the class. This ability is passed on during an “attunment” given by the Reiki master who allows the student to tap into the life force energy to improve health and enhance the quality of life. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self improvement that everyone can use.

Reiki is a hands-on interaction between the practitioner and the patient. This can be done in a very brief time or typically for a full hour. Reiki touch nurtures the giver, as well as, the receiver. It increase physical stamina, gives energy and it increases metal clarity.

Reiki is becoming more popular and it used by nurses and other health professionals in addition to their typical treatments.  It is interesting to read about the energy fields of the body that Reiiki adjusts to promote good health.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pros and Cons of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a huge business today and there are many items that cure simple illnesses but there are pros and cons.  First make sure you doctor knows what herbal medicine you are taking so he doesn't prescribe you something that is incompatible.  There has still not been enough randomized studies completed to know all the possible side effects of herbal medicine, so get a good book and get informed, particularly if you have a chronic or serious illnes.  Read more about this topic at:

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Relationship with a Special Granddaughter

I wanted to write about my special granddaughter, April.  I have been very involved in her life since she was 2 years old.  She is going to graduate from high school in a couple of months and then go to college to become a teacher. This is the only thing she has ever wanted to be. 

She recently asked me for help with an assignment..  She had to interview someone over 50 years old and write a paper about the interview.  Her brief interview turned into 45 minutes of questions about each decade of my life and I was glad I didn't have any more decades by the time we finished the interview. She got 100% on the paper and brought it for me to read when she came to visit for my birthday.  It was a very touching paper to say the least.  She is a very unique young lady and I am so proud of her.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interesting and Fun Facts about Ireland

Interesting and Fun Facts about Ireland

 hub will list a lot of interesting and fun facts about the country of Ireland that you might not have known.

Do the Irish Have a Sense of Humor!

Sense of Humor: This may be the last topic, but not the least. The Irish are witty and like to play with words. Here are a few examples:
  • "not backwards in coming forwards" - means a person is not shy.
  • "no flies on him" - means a person is not easily deceived.
  • "she has a tongue that would clip a hedge" - means a person who gossips.
  • A pig, allowed to live in Irish farmhouses in olden days, was once known as "the gentleman that pays the rent."
  • "come for a day and stay for a week" - means someone outstaying their welcome.
  • Just a few facts to ponder over - for a small island we certainly have a lot going for us!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New York Fashion Week

We haven’t even made it to spring yet, but The New York Fashion Week finished last Friday so we now know what we’ll be wearing next winter. Well, some people might know, but probably not me. I tend to stick to styles I like and that are flattering to my build. However, Fashion Week is big news and many people look forward to the unveiling of the new styles.

For those who love new fashions and can afford to indulge themselves, I decided to write a hub about the new trends and what the fashion guru’s have unveiled for next season. Layering will be a new trend which is no problem for me. I’ve done that for years, so maybe I am more fashion conscious than I realized. Bare shoulders are in, but again not for me, as if you’re over 35 most women probably should leave that look for the younger crowd. We will see a lot more colorful patterns rather than solid colors, so that sounds pretty good. Power belts are in which is okay as long as you have a waist line. You’ll see simple leathers which I like in a jacket, but no leather pants for this gal. Tufted jackets, gender play which incorporates some male styling is also in, but no I don't think so.  I like feminine clothing and jewelry. Colors will be striking which will make very colorful dresses. I like color, so that sounds okay.  Also, wide shoulders are back with cinched waists. Why did I throw out those old clothes as I must have had something like that in the past?

Stained Glass Panels For Home Decorating

Stained Glass Panels For Home Decorating

Tiffany Starburst Glass Panel

Stained Glass Panels

Stained glass panels have grown in popularity over the past few years. They are usually made a bit differently than the heavy leaded glass frames. There are gorgeous art glass panels found in gift shops, in stained glass shops and in numerous places on line. You can color coordinate the outside of your house if you are hanging a large piece in a window, or coordinate style and color with the inside d├ęcor depending on your needs and likes.
This is my third hub about the history of stained glass up to the present day. I also wrote about my personal experience with a stained glass home based business which I did for several years, but it is on hold for right now. I plan to return to creating and working with stained glass as it is so rewarding, and it feels wonderful to create something of beauty.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

I received a new digital camera for Christmas and there has been a learning curve for me. It takes digital pictures and short videos also. I believe you need some basic knowledge about how to take that great picture, in addition to just learning what all the settings on the camera mean.

Photography is art and it’s abstract. Patience is important as you wait for just that right smile, find the right angle or the right light settings. Keep your eyes open! You will see a lot more if you carefully look at the whole setting, not just the person you want to photograph. The more you look, the more you’ll see. Photography is communication of passion and excitement of the person you are photographing. 

Ansel Adams stated, “If I feel something strongly, I make a photograph. I do not attempt to explain the feeling." Ansel Adams (1902-1984) was an award winning photographer and environmentalist best known for his black and white photographs of the American West. Moonrise, taken in Hernandez, New Mexico, is his most famous photograph. What do you see first when you look at this photograph? There are white clouds, a moon in a black sky, white gravestones and the mountains. Ansel Adams uses the “Rule of Thirds”. Most artists think it is boring to look at a photo that is completely symmetrical. In this photo he has stimulated our eye by offering three layers, each with a different tone: the black sky, the white clouds, and the gray landscape. Ansel describes the photo as having serendipity (lucky chance) and immediate technical recall

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Insurance Company Tells Doctor How to Practive Medicine

Yesterday I went to see my pulmonary doctor. I was supposed to have had a high density chest cat scan this past Monday, but my insurance company turned it down. Since when does an insurance decide how a doctor practices medicine? They said I didn't meet the criteria. I am so furious about this, as this insurance isn't cheap, and the doctor stated the reason for the test was to rule out bronchiectasis, which is not a nice disease. I hope I don't have it, but my further treatment depends on knowing if I do or not.

I developed asthmatic bronchitis last summer and it has been a problem off and on ever since. It has been worse lately, and I am short of breath with any real activity, wheezing and coughing all the time. I currently have an infection again. I am been on antibiotics and steroids much of the time which help temporarily but haven't cured it.  This condition has changed my whole lifestyle.

use of steroids and decongestants. What do they think I have been taking? They suggested a chest x-ray. I've had 2 already but a more definitive test is necessary to determine why I am not getting well. They mention that since I have no smoking history the above recommendation would be adequate. I wish I could go to their office and cough all over their desk! I know, Yuck!
I called the insurance company again after the appointment, and they are suppose to get the doctor on the phone to see if there is another reason for the test. Maybe the current infection that I donated a sample of to the lab yesterday will be an adequate reason. There is another test which is likely to happen regardless of whether I get the cat scan or not according to my doctor. The cat scan could eliminate the need for this other test. However, if I have it done , I will be put to sleep and the doctor will use a tube to go down in my lungs to see first hand what the problem is and take samples of tissue or infection. Now, that really sounds like a good time!

If the insurance company can get away with this, how would it be if the government controlled your medical treatment? It would be horrible, that is obvious!  Doctors are trained and should be the ones who determine the course of your treatment for any disease. I have been blessed with good doctors who always talk to me about options and answer my questions. They explain why they want to do certain test or try certain medication but if the insurance companies and/or government take over, things will no longer work this way.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Common and not so Common Autoimmune Diseases

Did You Know There Are 80 Types of Autoimmune Disorders? No, I promise not to list all of them. I will briefly cover the more common autoimmune diseases that I haven’t written about in the past. I have recently written about Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s Disease and several hubs on Lupus so you can read detailed information on those diseases.
In the normal person, the body’s immune response is what protects them from invading diseases and infections. In a person with an autoimmune disorder things have gone haywire. Your body doesn’t recognize invaders from your healthy tissue so your white blood cells or T cells attack healthy organs. They can virtually affect every part of your body. These diseases usually attack women, particularly African-American and Native-American women.
Many autoimmune disorders have similar symptoms, which makes diagnosis that much more difficult. Often this process is frustrating as your first symptoms are fatigue, muscle aches and low fever. The diseases sometimes flare-up and sometimes go into remission. Most autoimmune diseases affect women more often than men, with higher percentages for Afro-Americans and Native-Americans people.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

St David 's Day Feast in Welsh England

I wrote a hub about the interesting food they serve in Welsh.  There are pictures and a few recipes.  Their food is certainly unique but interesting.  Have a look at:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Exquisite Stained Glass Window a Decorators Delight

I have writen a follow-up article to my series on stained glass.  I love stain glass the it is one of the few art forms that survived through the centuries.  I have included numerous pictures starting during the Renaissance to the Art Nouveau period.   It highlights designers like Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright.

If you are interested, the website is:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Tea Party Meeting For Me

First Encounter with Tea Party Group and What a Surprise


Tea Party Sign

First Tea Party Experience for Me

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the First Coast Tea Party in a friend’s home. She had a group of about 20 people, along with the local organizers. There was a couple who are small business owners in the area that explained what the tea party is trying to accomplish and how the tea party in Jacksonville is growing There are new committees, one for research, one for art projects, musicians with a multitude of new groups forming all the time. Some are made up of the elderly population and some reach out to the youth. The enthusiasm for all attendees was hopeful as people are anxious to make a statement. The goal is to start as many tea parties in the area as possible, so any person in Jacksonville has a meeting that is accessible. Several of the organizers will meet any time with any individual, any where to help the party grow.

There is no leader here, or anywhere in the nation.  They have a mission statemnt and goals.  They do not want a third political party and they don't endorse candidates.  Instead, they research all candidates then make the information available to people so the voter can make an informed choice.  I was very impressed that no one was trying to dictate to anyone about any particular candidate or specific agenda.  They were just a group of interested people who wanted to be able to speak with one voice about the problems they see in this country.  I felt good when I left the meeting and may attend again.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Stained Glass Windows- History-and-Exquisite-Beauty

How Stained Glass Began

The origin of stained glass windows has been lost in history, but it has admired for its beauty since the 10th century where depictions of Christ and biblical scenes graced churches in France, Germany and some in England.
Between the years of 1150-1500, stained glass reached its peak in Rome with magnificent windows being created for the great cathedrals.
A twelfth-century German monk, named Theophilus, gives the best known history of stained glass. He was an artist and metal worker. He studied glaziers and glass painters at work in order to provide more detail for creating attained glass window of immeasurable beauty. He wrote directions for craftsmen to follow.

Stained Glass Windows History and Exquisite Beauty


Medievil Stained Glass

An example of some of the first stained glass created.

How Stained Glass Began

The origin of stained glass windows has been lost in history, but it has admired for its beauty since the 10th century where depictions of Christ and biblical scenes graced churches in France, Germany and some in England.
Between the years of 1150-1500, stained glass reached its peak in Rome with magnificent windows being created for the great cathedrals.
A twelfth-century German monk, named Theophilus, gives the best known history of stained glass. He was an artist and metal worker. He studied glaziers and glass painters at work in order to provide more detail for creating attained glass window of immeasurable beauty. He wrote directions for craftsmen to follow.

Canterbury Cathedral, Glass by Beckett

Thomas Beckett, an Archbishop of Canterbury created numerous, gorgeous stained glass windows in the cathedral. He is venerated as a saint and martyr.  He was assassinated by followers of the King of England.
Thomas Beckett, an Archbishop of Canterbury created numerous, gorgeous stained glass windows in the cathedral. He is venerated as a saint and martyr. He was assassinated by followers of the King of England.

How Window Were Created

The methods for creating windows isn’t too different today. First you mark out the dimensions of length and width on a wooden board, draw the pattern that pleases you and select colors. Next, you cut the glass and fit the pieces together with the grozing iron (similar to a soldering iron). Enclose them with lead came and solder all four sides. Surround the glass window with a wooden frame and secure in place with nails. The windows must be well made to endure rain, wind, snow and, it must support its own weight.
The basic ingredients of glass in those times consisted of sand, and wood ash (potash); then, the mixture is melted into a liquid which cools as glass. The colors were made using metallic salts and powered metals during its manufacture while the glass was still molten. Molten glass can be blown into a sausage shape, and then slit on the side before flattened into a sheet.
The medieval stained glass windows in Canterbury Cathedral are among the earliest and finest in Europe. The oldest window, a charming depiction of Adam digging with a spade, dates from about 1180 AD, and more continued to be added throughout the Middle Ages. Thanks to a thorough program of cleaning and restoration in recent years, many of these windows are more beautiful now than they have been for centuries.

The Art of Stained Glas

Stained glass is an art and a craft.  It requires the artist to have a vision to conceive their project and to choose colors and textures of glass that are pleasing to the eye.  There must be an appropriate workable design and the skills to fit the glass pieces snuggly together which can be quite difficult. 

Stained Glass a Lost Art for 300 Years

By the 15th century paler colors were used which allowed more light and figures were larger. They rediscovered silver stain which allowed the artist to realistically depict yellow hair and golden garments. Stained glass artists became stained glass painters as the form moved closer to panel painting. The Renaissance brought the art of stained glass into a 300 year period where windows were heavily painted white glass, thus losing all their former glory and symbolism. Their innate beauty was all but forgotten.
Many of the stained glass windows remain after hundreds of years and are there for your viewing should you be fortunate enough to visit these exquisite cathedrals.

To see beautiful pictures of the stained glass check out my hub at:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Philly Chees Steak Sandwich Recipe

This is an easy and delicious recipe that is good for a small group of family and friends.  I serves 12 people.  There are pictures at the link and the full recipe.  It is so good!

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

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Savannah- A New Crossbred Cat

Savannahs, A new Crossbreed Cat from an African Serval and a domesticated cat.

African Serval Cat

Savannah Cat Personality and Cost

I came across a website the other day featuring the Savannah cat. This exotic cat is a crossbreed between an African Serval and a domesticated house cat. Savannahs are noted for their tall and slender bodies and their big ears. It is one of the newest breeds in the world and there are just a few breeders worldwide that have achieved their goal of successfully mating a  Serval to a domesticated cat.
I wrote an article about cross breeding in the wild and what man does.  I hope you might check it out as it is a topic I never thought much about before.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lindsy Vonn on Sports Illustrated Called too Sexy

Sports Illustrated only features women about 4% of the time and usually criticism is limited to the swim suit copy.  However, several people are up in arms over  Vonn's picture which is in a tight ski suit in a crouched position over her skies.

This girl has an amazing story of success and overcoming injuries.  She is one of  the hopes for Olympic Gold at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver next week.  I wrote a more detailed hub about her because I think the comments about her picture are stupid and because she is an inspiration to any woman in sports.  The link is listed below if you are interested.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stained Glass A Wonderful Hobby or Business

I wrote a hub today about how I got into working with stained glass after the lupus I have kept flaring up and I couldn't work anymore.  It is not for everyone but I found it to be a great artistic outlet for myself.  It is not a cheap hobby either as you need quite a bit of equipment and then you must purchase all the beautiful glass.  If you want to see some of my work check out by hub. Maybe it will inspire a new hobby for you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are you an Adrenalin Junkie?

Are you one of those people that just can't say no? Do you have your days packed with activity almost every minute? Do you get angry very easily? Are you under a lot of stress? Are you a risk taker?  These are all things to look at if stress and anxiety are a problem for you. I wrote a Hub at
that gives a lot more detail and it has an assessment quiz.

There are always ways to learn to reduce your stress level. Sometimes counseling is the logical answer. Maybe learning to meditate, or choose a hobby that you feel good about without having any time limits on completion. I am one of those people who take on too much and it is a lifelong pattern. I am really trying to stop doing than and am better at saying NO because high stress very much affects my health. I have lupus and a couple of days after a stressful event, I get into a flare-up. I don't let the little stuff bother me much anymore and as I am a bit of a perfectionist, that is a change. Learning to meditate is helpful but I am still not doing it each day, but a few times a week is good. Exercise is another good reducer of stress, plus just having a trusting friend you can talk to is good.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tim Geithner on the Hot Seat - A little rant

I just wrote an article on HubPages about Tim Geithner's history up to his present crisis. I am so tired of all politician and government in general. I think my brain could be on news overload lately. I became interested in his story because of the total dishonesty to his sworn office. In the AIG scandal dollar for dollar was paid to all his banking buddies that he seen socializing with and the share holders got pennies on the dollar. I don't know about you but we took a pretty good hit on our 401K and I know its a complicated situation that was caused by other presidents and congressmen but I don't like cover-ups when it hurts us all. It is our tax dollars that did these bailouts, so out of that came this new hub. If you're interested read my article at

Friday, January 29, 2010

Introducing Myself to Bloggers

I love to write and write in various places, mostly HubPages, but I want to try blogging. I’ve looked at a few blogs and I really enjoy them. As I am new this will be a learning experience. So, I’m open to comments, advice, suggestions and so forth.

I know much of this is in the profile section, but I thought it might be useful to write a kind of introduction post. I live in Jacksonville, Fl but was born in Cleveland, Ohio. I stay busy most of the time, no, not cleaning house and cooking but as I have more hobbies than there are hours in the day. I love to write, am addicted to genealogy, like gardening, do some volunteer work just to give a little back to the community, make stained glass and my most treasured time is with my family. I love to travel most any place, most anytime. I do belong to a woman’s club and the DAR. I am constantly planning more activity than I can do or have time for. Did I mention I like to read and work sudoko puzzles?

You may now know more about me than some of my friends! I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Video of Bear Cub in Danger

Saturday morning, I love Saturdays as they are days that you typically have no obligations during the day which makes them enjoyable. I found an great video of a bear cub fighting for his life from a lion and quickly posted it to hub pages. It is worth a couple of minutes to view it if you like animals in nature acting on instinct.

I have had a chance to view a few people's pages and they are really good. I can see I have a lot of work to do if I an going to create an interesting blog. I am giving it some consideration now and we'll see how it goes. Have a great weekend to anyone who might read this. Pam

Friday, January 22, 2010

New to Blogging

I love to write and have been writing on Hub Pages for about 6 months but I am new to blogging. The few pages I've read are great but I guess it will take a little while for me to get the hang of it. I think this is my 3rd day and on the second day I attended the funeral of a dear friend. I am sorting through that loss as she was a very kind, loving person and I will miss her. The funeral was a Memorial Service and it was more a tribute to her life than so many funerals I've been to where viewing the body and grieving are so overpowering. They showed great pictures on a screen that spanned her life using Power Point. Many made you smile as you remembered specific. That is the way I would like to be remembered. The idea that I heard Larry, the cable guy say, "Don't Mama look good", while lying in the casket gave me a laugh but she couldn't have looked to good right before her death. Anyway, this is a heavy topic to begin blogging so I'll lighten up for the next time.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Victory In MA Has Far Reaching Consequences

In a stunning upset Republican Scott Brown won over Martha Coakley in the MA Senate race. The Independent voters made the huge upset possible but more importantly the upset reaches far beyond the borders of the state of MA.

More than half of the Americans are sick and tired of behind closed door meetings, broken promises, no transparency and no negotiations. Americans fought hard for this country and they are not going to roll over and let either party ram through legislation that they don't want. Most people seem to be disenchanted with both parties. It is time to get good representatives from both side of the aisle and negotiate a good health care bill that will fix the problem, not just create another huge government, poorly run bureaucracy. Something must be done to create jobs and tax breaks for small businesses to encourage them to hire more people is a legitimate solution. One in four children are going to bed at night hungry! That is a horrible statistic for the United States. We need real solutions. The lobby

est need to go home. No more sweetheart deals.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Rewards of Genealogy

I started asking questions about my ancestors about 20 years ago.  I started keeping some written records and ultimately ended up with a computerized program, plus hundreds of hours of research.  I have become addicted to looking for answers and I found that I actually had ancestry come to America on the Mayflower.  Now that was an exciting day.  The younger you start collecting information the easier it is to answer many of the questions.  If you have an old diary or an old Bible, that is really a plus.

I have this idea that I will some day complete the search enough to publish a book to be passed along to family member long after I am long gone.  This is the legacy I will leave my family. 

When you study your family history you will find out what countries they immigrated from and you will even learn what type of medical problems they had.  This can help you know what type of diseases are most common in your family history which hopefully will help you with prevention.  I have written a hubpage about the Joy of Genealogy, ( and I also have a genealogy website; (  I hope to inspire others to search their family history.