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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Victory In MA Has Far Reaching Consequences

In a stunning upset Republican Scott Brown won over Martha Coakley in the MA Senate race. The Independent voters made the huge upset possible but more importantly the upset reaches far beyond the borders of the state of MA.

More than half of the Americans are sick and tired of behind closed door meetings, broken promises, no transparency and no negotiations. Americans fought hard for this country and they are not going to roll over and let either party ram through legislation that they don't want. Most people seem to be disenchanted with both parties. It is time to get good representatives from both side of the aisle and negotiate a good health care bill that will fix the problem, not just create another huge government, poorly run bureaucracy. Something must be done to create jobs and tax breaks for small businesses to encourage them to hire more people is a legitimate solution. One in four children are going to bed at night hungry! That is a horrible statistic for the United States. We need real solutions. The lobby

est need to go home. No more sweetheart deals.

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