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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New York Fashion Week

We haven’t even made it to spring yet, but The New York Fashion Week finished last Friday so we now know what we’ll be wearing next winter. Well, some people might know, but probably not me. I tend to stick to styles I like and that are flattering to my build. However, Fashion Week is big news and many people look forward to the unveiling of the new styles.

For those who love new fashions and can afford to indulge themselves, I decided to write a hub about the new trends and what the fashion guru’s have unveiled for next season. Layering will be a new trend which is no problem for me. I’ve done that for years, so maybe I am more fashion conscious than I realized. Bare shoulders are in, but again not for me, as if you’re over 35 most women probably should leave that look for the younger crowd. We will see a lot more colorful patterns rather than solid colors, so that sounds pretty good. Power belts are in which is okay as long as you have a waist line. You’ll see simple leathers which I like in a jacket, but no leather pants for this gal. Tufted jackets, gender play which incorporates some male styling is also in, but no I don't think so.  I like feminine clothing and jewelry. Colors will be striking which will make very colorful dresses. I like color, so that sounds okay.  Also, wide shoulders are back with cinched waists. Why did I throw out those old clothes as I must have had something like that in the past?

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