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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Rewards of Genealogy

I started asking questions about my ancestors about 20 years ago.  I started keeping some written records and ultimately ended up with a computerized program, plus hundreds of hours of research.  I have become addicted to looking for answers and I found that I actually had ancestry come to America on the Mayflower.  Now that was an exciting day.  The younger you start collecting information the easier it is to answer many of the questions.  If you have an old diary or an old Bible, that is really a plus.

I have this idea that I will some day complete the search enough to publish a book to be passed along to family member long after I am long gone.  This is the legacy I will leave my family. 

When you study your family history you will find out what countries they immigrated from and you will even learn what type of medical problems they had.  This can help you know what type of diseases are most common in your family history which hopefully will help you with prevention.  I have written a hubpage about the Joy of Genealogy, ( and I also have a genealogy website; (  I hope to inspire others to search their family history.

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