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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aromatheray - Essential Oils Make Your Life More Pleasant and Healthier

Massage is the most relaxing and therapeutic way of all to experience aromatherapy.  Essential oils are blended and then worked into the body using massage techniques that stimulate the whole system while improving the circulation and relaxing the nervous system. 
A selection of essential oils can be found in numerous places, such as health food stores, online, or through chemists.  Be careful to choose essential oils, not perfumed oils.  An essential oil is thin and watery, swift to evaporate, and overpoweringly scented when neat, which should be quite pleasant.  Essential oils fall into three categories:
  • Top notes:   Oils that evaporate very quickly.  They are generally uplifting and stimulating with a greenish, fresh aroma.
  • Middle notes: These are used to help the body with most bodily functions and the body’s metabolism.
  • Base notes: These are extremely relaxing, sometimes sedative and generally have a lovely, warm aroma
Scented oils are sold in tinted glass because they may be damaged by light and they should always be stored in a dark, cool place.  Keep the lids on tightly or they may easily evaporate

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