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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Insurance Company Tells Doctor How to Practive Medicine

Yesterday I went to see my pulmonary doctor. I was supposed to have had a high density chest cat scan this past Monday, but my insurance company turned it down. Since when does an insurance decide how a doctor practices medicine? They said I didn't meet the criteria. I am so furious about this, as this insurance isn't cheap, and the doctor stated the reason for the test was to rule out bronchiectasis, which is not a nice disease. I hope I don't have it, but my further treatment depends on knowing if I do or not.

I developed asthmatic bronchitis last summer and it has been a problem off and on ever since. It has been worse lately, and I am short of breath with any real activity, wheezing and coughing all the time. I currently have an infection again. I am been on antibiotics and steroids much of the time which help temporarily but haven't cured it.  This condition has changed my whole lifestyle.

use of steroids and decongestants. What do they think I have been taking? They suggested a chest x-ray. I've had 2 already but a more definitive test is necessary to determine why I am not getting well. They mention that since I have no smoking history the above recommendation would be adequate. I wish I could go to their office and cough all over their desk! I know, Yuck!
I called the insurance company again after the appointment, and they are suppose to get the doctor on the phone to see if there is another reason for the test. Maybe the current infection that I donated a sample of to the lab yesterday will be an adequate reason. There is another test which is likely to happen regardless of whether I get the cat scan or not according to my doctor. The cat scan could eliminate the need for this other test. However, if I have it done , I will be put to sleep and the doctor will use a tube to go down in my lungs to see first hand what the problem is and take samples of tissue or infection. Now, that really sounds like a good time!

If the insurance company can get away with this, how would it be if the government controlled your medical treatment? It would be horrible, that is obvious!  Doctors are trained and should be the ones who determine the course of your treatment for any disease. I have been blessed with good doctors who always talk to me about options and answer my questions. They explain why they want to do certain test or try certain medication but if the insurance companies and/or government take over, things will no longer work this way.

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