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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Tea Party Meeting For Me

First Encounter with Tea Party Group and What a Surprise


Tea Party Sign

First Tea Party Experience for Me

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the First Coast Tea Party in a friend’s home. She had a group of about 20 people, along with the local organizers. There was a couple who are small business owners in the area that explained what the tea party is trying to accomplish and how the tea party in Jacksonville is growing There are new committees, one for research, one for art projects, musicians with a multitude of new groups forming all the time. Some are made up of the elderly population and some reach out to the youth. The enthusiasm for all attendees was hopeful as people are anxious to make a statement. The goal is to start as many tea parties in the area as possible, so any person in Jacksonville has a meeting that is accessible. Several of the organizers will meet any time with any individual, any where to help the party grow.

There is no leader here, or anywhere in the nation.  They have a mission statemnt and goals.  They do not want a third political party and they don't endorse candidates.  Instead, they research all candidates then make the information available to people so the voter can make an informed choice.  I was very impressed that no one was trying to dictate to anyone about any particular candidate or specific agenda.  They were just a group of interested people who wanted to be able to speak with one voice about the problems they see in this country.  I felt good when I left the meeting and may attend again.

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